Minimalism: My Travel Beauty Essentials

2018 is Sammy’s Year On The Go. Whether I’m traveling for work, fun, or pet sitting (#sidehustle), I’ve had to get really good at minimal packing. I’ve spent the last year really pairing down my skincare and makeup, and also just focusing on products that are no-hassle (ie: lazy girl makeup. If it doesn’t come… Continue reading Minimalism: My Travel Beauty Essentials

Best Monthly Subscriptions

We all have them. We love to hate them. Or hate to love them. But when you consider cancelling them, there’s such an internal struggle. I recently paired down a lot of my monthly subscriptions and wanted to share the ones I was left with that I’m still getting a ton of use out of!… Continue reading Best Monthly Subscriptions

Find Inspiration Where You Can

Facebook reminded me today that it’s been exactly a year since I left my old job. A lot’s changed over the past 12 months, the biggest difference being my level of happiness. Quitting my job in publishing was one of the best things I’ve ever done. When I see old coworkers or clients, they always comment on… Continue reading Find Inspiration Where You Can