Best Monthly Subscriptions

We all have them. We love to hate them. Or hate to love them. But when you consider cancelling them, there’s such an internal struggle. I recently paired down a lot of my monthly subscriptions and wanted to share the ones I was left with that I’m still getting a ton of use out of!… Continue reading Best Monthly Subscriptions

You’re An Adult. Act Like one.

I often joke that I’m 100 years old because of my bad back, sleeping habits, and love of cats. In reality, I’m only turning 28 this year, but I still struggle as seeing myself as an adult. I can legally drink, reserve a hotel room, and rent a car, yet I still have issues scheduling those… Continue reading You’re An Adult. Act Like one.

New Year, New Goals

Well, guys, we did it. We made it to 2016! And with a new year comes new goals. I prefer not to call them resolutions, because like I always say, if you want to change your life, you should just start today. But compared to where my life was a year ago, I’m feeling much… Continue reading New Year, New Goals

2015 Favorites

MAKEUP: NAIL POLISH – I don’t really have a favorite color this year, but my new obsession is gel. I never thought I’d be able to stick with one color for more than a few days, but I am a full gel convert. Fresh Spa (NYC) and 21 Nail Lounge (DC) are the only places I’ll… Continue reading 2015 Favorites

My Favorite Instagrammers: Travel

As you know, I’m an instagram whore. It’s my favorite form of social media, and I rely on my newsfeed to keep me inspired. So I thought this week I’d take you through some of my favorite instragrammers and their amazing photographs. First up: for those with wanderlust! @london I love this feed. It’s curated,… Continue reading My Favorite Instagrammers: Travel

Room Tour: What’s On My Nightstand

Penelope Nightstand from West Elm // NYMÖ Lamp from Ikea I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been nightstand-less for years. Not for lack of wanting (or needing) one, but because I couldn’t find one I liked. I spotted this one on the West Elm site a few months ago and spent hours trolling the internet for… Continue reading Room Tour: What’s On My Nightstand