My Go-To Studios

I’m a creature of habit. I order the same coffee, could eat Special K for breakfast every day for the rest of my life, and workout at the same studios. Sometimes I’ll force myself to step outside my comfort zone, especially with my workouts, and this year it was particularly gratifying because I’ve now got a small arsenal of amazing studios I like to visit, all of which are great for people just starting out or who just need to spice things up.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here my top studios in NYC!


I know, I know. No surprises here. But if you’re looking to get into spinning and want to be able to track your improvement, there is no place better than Fly. I was terrified to go that first time, and my score was horrendous, but it made me want to come back anyway. The community is amazingly welcoming and I wouldn’t be where I am now without those people.
In terms of amenities, all studios have showers and places for you to get ready if you need to run off to work or happy hour. Water and towels are free, and if you’re hungry, there’s always fruit hanging around as well.


Up until very recently, I’d only ever done mat pilates classes because I was convinced I’d faceplant on a reformer. But recently I booked a class that I thought was mat, only to find out that it very much wasn’t. And you know what? I didn’t faceplant, I didn’t die. In fact, I loved it so much I booked three more classes that week alone. With ClassPass, you’re allowed to visit a studio three times per cycle, and this is now one of three studios I actually max out on and would even be willing to pay out of pocket for. The instructors have all been top-notch and big into correcting form, which is so helpful for people who’ve had injuries. Pilates is great for injury prevention and coming back from one.
The studios do not have showers, but they all have changing rooms, amazing staff, and a space straight out of Pinterest. I’d live there if I could.


I love a good restorative yoga class, and theirs is my favorite, bar none. The studio has a very specific method they use in all their classes, which is very hands-on. I like a little help or guidance, and also love their instructors to the max. And if restorative isn’t your thing, they do aerial yoga, regular yoga, and pilates! The studio is warm and welcoming, the staff is lovely, and if you want to hang out in the kitchen before or after class, there’s spa waters, tea, and places to sit.


I freely admit that I am not a huge yoga fan. If I’m looking for a last minute workout, it’s not the sort of class I’d book. But there’s something about heated hip-hop yoga that made me change my tune. Maybe it’s because it’s candle-lit so no one can really see me, or the fact that I’m flowing along to some of Kanye’s greatest hits. I have no idea. But when I’m in the mood for some yoga, this is my go-to. Also, check out their branding and social media. It’s on point.
You can rent mats and towels from the studio, but be prepared, showers aren’t really a thing here. I believe the Soho location has one (that you need to reserve?), but that’s not the case at all. Be sure you either have nowhere to be, or somewhere else to get ready afterward.


If you like to track your progress in class, Swerve is another great option for indoor cycling. Classes are team-based, high-energy, and super motivating. While I love Flywheel above all else, I freely admit to also loving a class here every once and a while. They also have something Flywheel doesn’t — a smoothie bar. Which I frequent every single time.
Shoe rentals and towels are free, but remember to bring your own water. Both locations have separate shower rooms, and the one at the midtown location is particularly gorgeous.


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