You guys know I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions. And maybe it was because my life was so chaotic and I was so unhappy that I couldn’t possibly focus on trying to make things better, but just make it through another day.

But 2016 brought about a lot of changes, and now that I’m standing on the other side feeling like I’ve just breathed for the first time in years, I feel this overwhelming sense of excitement for what 2017 has in store.

So much so that, yes, I went so far as to make some resolutions. And by some, I mean a LOT. Like, a 3 page document of initiatives for this year. Lord knows I love a challenge. This past October I spent a few months saying yes to things I usually wouldn’t. I cut off all my hair and bleached it to the point old friends didn’t recognize me. I did a career 180. Change starts whenever you want it to. So I’m not making new resolutions, I’m continuing with the things I’m already working on.

Here’s what we’re looking at for the next 365 days:

  1. I’ve decided to dub 2017 The Year Of Yes. I’m going to keep pushing myself to try new things. Being scared of something doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t do it (although you will never catch me sky diving). It’s finding that balance between being uncomfortable and definitely not wanting to do something, understanding why I would’ve said no in a previous life, and pushing myself to try it anyway. In the past few months I’ve found countless new studios and workouts that I love, that karaoke can actually be fun, that I can dance without caring what other people think, and hanging out with new groups of people can lead to some really great adventures. I don’t want to waste another minute missing out on those opportunities.
  2. On the polar opposite end of the spectrum, I’m also planning to use the word “no” a lot more. If I definitely don’t want to do something or be somewhere, I’m just going to say no. It always bothers me when people say they’re going to show up to something then never actually come. If you don’t want to, just say so! I’d be less offended by someone saying no right off the bat than promising to show up and never showing face. I can be guilty of this too, but it’s not worth making myself miserable. If I’m not having a good time, someone else knows, and then they don’t have a good time. So I’m going to try being honest about the things I don’t want to do.
  3. Nothing stresses me out more than money, so I need to be better about my finances. Spending freezes, side jobs, whatever it takes. But I can’t keep living at the end of my means forever. I’m almost 30 with no savings account, way too much debt, and no end in sight. It’s time to make one. Or at least make a new plan, because the one I’ve had hasn’t been working.
  4. I really dropped the ball the last few months in terms of meal prep, so I just need to get back into the habit. It’s okay to fall off the wagon, so long as you can get back on. I’ve also got my trusty accountability partner and friend by my side. For every pound he gains, I have to lose, loser has to pay for dinner. And I don’t intend on handling that bill.
  5. I want to find projects that enrich my life. Whether that’s learning a new language, learning to play a new instrument, gaining a new skill, volunteering… doesn’t matter. But I want to find something I can work on.

This year is about accountability and balance, but also having the best fucking time doing it. So far, so good.


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