Studio Visits 2016

I’m definitely a creature of habit. I know which instructors I like, which times fit best in my schedule, and which studios I prefer. But even before I started working at ClassPass, I’d made it my personal mission to try a bunch of new studios and instructors this year. Once I realized running was out of the question, I needed more variety in my workouts. I’ve also been trying to get back into yoga. Sometimes you just need to spice things up, you know?

So here is a list of everywhere I’ve been this year (the good and the bad)!


  • FlyBarre (5/5): For as much as I dislike barre, if I’m gonna go, I’m going here. There are a variety of classes, and the instructors are great about making sure your form is on point.
  • Physique 57 (4/5): Even their beginner class is hard — this is the only barre class I really sweat in! Also, the studios may be small, but they’re all really nice (I’ve been to three locations so far).
  • Pop Physique (2/5): If I were a dancer, this would get a higher score, since I really think this particular studio aims their classes at people with a dance background.


  • Shadowbox (3.5/5): While I liked Shadowbox and would definitely go again, I don’t think the instructor spent enough time going around and correcting form, or explaining the different combinations. If you’ve never boxed before, this can be kind of confusing.


  • Body Pump at NYSC (4/5): My friend Ashley teaches at a few of the locations in the city and her class is killer. It’s weightlifting to music, essentially, and if the instructor is good, you’ll get a great workout!
  • Fhitting Room (5/5): You basically want to die for an entire hour (their classes are no joke!), but you feel like a boss ass bitch afterward. Also, their Flatiron studio is one of the nicest studios I’ve been to, period.
  • Gym Time at DavidBarton-Limelight (5/5): I was pleasantly surprised. The clientele is really diverse, the location convenient, and the facilities top notch. Who doesn’t like running on a treadmill in front of stained glass and a massive chandelier while a DJ blasts tunes behind you? (side note: all DB gyms are now closed)
  • Zumba at West End Health & Fitness (5/5): I do not dance. I did not dance well in this class. But Aline is such a great instructor that I didn’t care. Take some friends and go, we had the best time ever.


  • Anya (4/5): As far as pilates go, this was definitely a good class, though not the hardest mat class I’ve taken. It’s quick, 60 moves in 55 minutes, so you’re constantly working, and Anya’s hands-on method definitely shines through.
  • Core Pilates (5/5): One of my favorite pilates studios in the city! Their mat class is fantastic, but for people looking for tower or reformer classes, they offer those as well. All of the instructors are super knowledgable and fun, and the hour flies by!
  • New York Pilates (5/5): If you’re afraid of reformer classes, their Stretch class is a great intro (and helps loosen up tight muscles). After that, I got sucked into their other reformer classes, and now I go at least once a week. I’m also obsessed with the minimalistic chic studio vibe.
  • Uptown Pilates (4/5): If I need a pilates studio on the UWS, this has become my go-to. The space is really nice, and while I’ve only taken their mat class, it’s always been really solid.
  • WundaBar (4/5): If you’re in SoHo, this tiny studio is a great option combining reformer, jumpboard, and chair.


  • CityRow (4/5): Definitely the nicest rower you’ll ever use! Class is definitely more short sprints with a lot of mat work, but for a small studio, the space is really nice! They do have an UES location as well now, but I haven’t been.
  • Row House (4/5): While CityRow has nicer rowers, I think the structure of class at RowHouse is superior. You spend more time on the rower, but still get that mat work in as well. Their Chelsea location is definitely nicer than the Columbus Circle one. Also, the reason this place gets 4 stars instead of 5 is simply because I have yet to find an instructor I really felt was outstanding. But everyone I’ve taken was solid!


  • Aqua Studio (2/5): In terms of a workout, I’m not sure I really got one. But my joints felt great after! So if you need a super low low-impact workout, this isn’t a bad option. The studio is really nice, but to be honest, I think the allure of this place is more novelty than quality.
  • Cyc (3.5/5): I hated it a lot less than I thought I would. You definitely get a workout, the music was good, and the energy level was high. But like Soul Cycle, if you have any sort of injury, steer clear. You’ll be hurting afterward from all the movements.
  • Flywheel (5/5): I don’t need to say anything about this place. You guys already know how I feel. #onetruelove
  • Monster Cycle (3/5): For my downtowners, this is a decent option. They play music videos along with their playlists, and the branding is pretty cool. Also, the shower rooms are super nice and have some really flattering pink lighting. It just reminds me too much of Soul Cycle.
  • Peloton (4/5): Probably the most gorgeous, tricked out studio I’ve ever been to. OBSESSED. The workout was decent, although I was surprised to find that even with metrics, I didn’t work as hard as I normally would. The instructors definitely seem a bit more focused on the showmanship side than actually leading a vigorous workout.
  • Revolutions 55 (3/5): If you work in midtown, this is a great local studio, and my friend Ashley teaches there! I don’t think I got as good of a workout  as I do at Flywheel, but it’s still a solid option. (Note: This studio is now closed.)
  • Swerve (4/5): My friend Erin became an instructor here this year, so you should all check out her class! If you like Flywheel, or lean more toward the competitive side, this place is definitely your cup of tea. Also, their studios are super sleek and modern, and have an in-house smoothie bar.


  • Anya (5/5): One of the nicest yoga studios I’ve been to. Really clean, friendly staff, great instructors, a variety of classes, and free spa water and tea in the kitchen!
  • Exhale (5/5): Their Sunday night restorative class has become a weekly staple for me. (Also random… but their lighting is really nice. If I’m gonna be lying on my back looking up at the ceiling for a while, this one is really pretty.)
  • Finish Line Physical Therapy (5/5): I’m including their NormaTec Compression Sleeves session here. The space is really nice, the staff is great, and my legs feel completely rejuvenated after an hour in the sleeves. Also, free coffee!
  • ISHTA Yoga (3/5): Their restorative class is fine if you’re in the area and need to book a class, but definitely a little hippy dippy for my tastes.
  • Laughing Lotus (3/5): The studio itself is really nice and the instructor I had was great! But the classes can get crazy crowded.
  • Modo Yoga (3.5/5): I’ve been getting more and more into heated yoga this year, and I like the yin classes here.
  • The Movement (3.5/5): The studio’s small, but the staff is super friendly, they make a donation for every reservation booked, and the instructors are great! I’m still struggling my way through their YogaCharged class (yoga + resistance bands=death).
  • The Path @ The Standard (4/5): For my downtowners and East Villagers, The Path does class once a week at The Standard Hotel. The space is really nice, the instructors are good, and just being inside the hotel is cool! Downside is that sometimes you can hear the people who are actually in the hotel.
  • Unity Yoga (4/5): I’ve been looking for a yoga studio close to home and finally found one I like. I try to go every Sunday morning now!
  • Woom Center (3/5): The space itself is beautiful, and I actually really liked the instructor. There’s some cool integration of visuals and sounds, but there were a few sections that were a bit hippy-dippy for my tastes.
  • Y7 (4/5): For someone not really into “normal” yoga, I’m seriously into this. Heated hip hop yoga has become a new weekly tradition. Who doesn’t like flowing to Drake via candlelight?
  • Yoga Shanti (4/5): I’m totally into their Urban Zen class. Such a good mixture of restorative, meditation, and aromatherapy. Gold ceilings and chandeliers, oh my!
  • YogaWorks (2.5/5): Wasn’t the biggest fan. The staff was friendly, and the location’s convenient, but the studio seemed a bit old, the locker room reminded me way too much of a dingy high school shower, the studio I was in was freezing, and I just didn’t like the structure of the class.

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