Find Inspiration Where You Can

Facebook reminded me today that it’s been exactly a year since I left my old job. A lot’s changed over the past 12 months, the biggest difference being my level of happiness. Quitting my job in publishing was one of the best things I’ve ever done. When I see old coworkers or clients, they always comment on… Continue reading Find Inspiration Where You Can

Monday Motivation: My Mantra

I have a new obsession, you guys. MantraBand. Who doesn’t love wearing your daily inspiration on your sleeve (er, wrist)?   I got myself two (for now), and I loooove them. They’re dainty, a perfect addition to any outfit, and come in three types of metal (silver, gold, and rose gold). While my #1 mantra isn’t amongst… Continue reading Monday Motivation: My Mantra

Dolla, Dolla Bills, Y’all

New York isn’t known for it’s affordability, mostly because it isn’t an affordable place to live. (Crazy thought, right?) Living here is tough. It’ll chew you up and spit you back out, and when you land, your pockets will be empty and you’ll find yourself wondering why you moved here in the first place. Living paycheck… Continue reading Dolla, Dolla Bills, Y’all

My Favorite Instagrammers: Travel

As you know, I’m an instagram whore. It’s my favorite form of social media, and I rely on my newsfeed to keep me inspired. So I thought this week I’d take you through some of my favorite instragrammers and their amazing photographs. First up: for those with wanderlust! @london I love this feed. It’s curated,… Continue reading My Favorite Instagrammers: Travel

Inspiration Board: La Femme Nikita

Was anyone else as obsessed with La Femme Nikita as I was (the 90s version, not the CW remake (which is actually not half bad))? I’d sneak downstairs at 2AM to watch reruns, spent hours researching each and every song used in each and every episode, and yes, ladies and gents, I wrote fan fiction.… Continue reading Inspiration Board: La Femme Nikita