Find Inspiration Where You Can

Facebook reminded me today that it’s been exactly a year since I left my old job. A lot’s changed over the past 12 months, the biggest difference being my level of happiness. Quitting my job in publishing was one of the best things I’ve ever done. When I see old coworkers or clients, they always comment on how happy and/or relaxed I look. And it’s because I love what I’m doing. I love the company I work for and the people who work there. Start-ups are in and of themselves full of young people who are stupid smart and excited about their jobs because they’re ever-changing. In a year I’ve watched my company grow and change in ways I never could have imagined. I’ve learned more about things I never knew I wanted to, met people who do things I never could, and sharpened skills I never knew I had.

I’m inspired. Constantly.

When I look at the people I’ve chosen to surround myself with, inspiration tends to be a pretty consistent theme. I’m in awe of the things they’ve done with their lives, and where they’re headed. Some of them have followed a similar path to me and quit their jobs to follow their passions, some have gone off to grad school to pursue deep-seeded dreams of bettering themselves, some are becoming parents, and others are crushing their goals by running marathons, making films, performing on stages across the country, or becoming instructors to help better other people.

It’s important to be around people who make you better. Who make you want to be better. My friends are ridiculously talented. Not only that, they’re good people. They’re genuine. I talk about Flywheel a lot, but that part of my life, those people, are the best. They constantly push me to work harder, but they’ve also gotten me through some really hard times. They’ll hold your hand while you cry and slap it away when you try to buy Cadbury mini eggs at Duane Reade.

But you can’t just rely on people. You need to be able to find inspiration in the little things around you, too. A good book. Some quiet time in your favorite yoga class. An afternoon at the museum. I’ve spent the last year working very hard to make sure I’m focusing on those things as well. New York is insane and chaotic and noisy, but you can find peace and quiet in more places than you’d expect. Find a favorite coffee shop where the barista knows your order by heart. Download a meditation app and use it during your morning commute. Take your yoga mat to the park. Find those things you love and just do them. Make the time. We all get busy (trust me, I can justify just about anything), but you know how happy you’ll be once you start to regularly make time for the things or people that inspire you?


Today my inspiration came in the form of back-to-back spin classes with two of my favorite humans (bar none), a long and pointless walk with a good friend, and some time spent with myself in the kitchen. Last night it was yoga and pizza (yolo). Tomorrow, who knows?

Find your inspiration. Chase it down. And once you have it, never let it go.


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