I’m not going to like it, I said.

can’t like it, my wallet said.

And yet here I am, a month in, and I’m a convert. I’m an addict. I’m completely obsessed with spinning.

Never thought I’d hear those words come out of my mouth.

For as long as I can remember, I have never been a fan of group fitness classes. I prefer going to the gym and spending an hour on the elliptical, doing yoga, or going for a run in Riverside Park. That time is me time. The thought of that space being invaded by a bunch of crazy gym-mongers was off-putting, to say the least.

But spinning is something I can get behind. Flywheel, in particular, has really revolutionized my fitness routine. I went the first time anticipating utter hatred and came out buying a five-pack of classes. Then I figured out how to properly adjust the bike and after how much better I felt after that class, started going twice a week. I’ve turned into one of those people who spends stupid amounts of money on fitness classes, something I used to absolutely hate (despite the fact that I kept trying them). But honestly, better to spend $34 on a spin class where I can burn 600-900 calories than spending the same amount on dinner and a drink where I’d consume even more.

The nice thing about Flywheel is that while you are in a class (and they’re usually full), it’s still a very solitary workout. The little computer attached to your bike allows you to race against yourself, push yourself to beat your numbers from the previous class. The room is dark, the beats are pounding, and I’m not paying attention to anyone other than the instructor. And more recently, those numbers on the TorqBoard, aka leaderboard (which you can opt out of if you’re not interested in competing with the rest of the class!).


But I get it. Spinning can be intimidating. It took me ages to go, despite friends (coughASHLEYcough) trying to get me involved. Clipping into the bike? How’m I supposed to do that? What if I can’t get off? What the hell is a tap back?

For those of you interested in going but afraid of looking a fool, I actually found this video to be pretty helpful:

Also, instructors will almost always ask if there’s anyone new in class, or if you need help setting up the bike (which you can adjust three ways — even us shorties are accommodated!). And if they don’t, don’t hesitate to go up and ask them (or the other Flywheel employees circulating the room). Everyone I’ve talked to has been super helpful and welcoming, and are genuinely happy you’re there.

Plus the instructors are beyond amazing. I religiously show up Saturday mornings for Serg’s class, but everyone else I’ve been to during the week has given me a kickass workout. You get what you put in, but the instructors are awesome motivators, and their playlists keep me amped up, even when my legs want to give out and fall off (or my arms, for the one song you focus on those).

Other perks? Free water, free towels, free fruit, and free shoe rentals. There’re also hair ties, earplugs, makeup wipes, and gum, all free of charge. Bathrooms, showers (with Bliss products), and water stations means you can literally just show up. Everything you need is already there!

For my locals, there are seven locations in NYC, with a few just outside the city and New Jersey. Flywheel also has studios in Philly, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida, Cali, Texas, North Carolina, Seattle, Dubai, and more opening soon (I heard a rumor DC’s getting one this month!).

So if you’re like me and like a class where you can track your numbers and your progress, maybe give Flywheel a try. It’s like bootcamp on a bike, but a million times more enjoyable. Plus, your first ride is free! Who can argue with that?

Anyone else drinking the spinning koolaid?


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