The Brunch Experiment: Elephant & Castle

IMG_5292When I booked my Airbnb for London, I noticed I was a quick walk from the Elephant & Castle tube station. When I found out there was a brunch locale in NYC with the same name, I obviously had to check it out. (Mind you, this was before my trip, and why there are no British looking things in this picture.)

Nestled in the West Village, just off the 14th Street stop, is a tiny restaurant called Elephant & Castle, boasting its presence with a charming emerald awning and a line out the door.

But the line moves quickly, and pretty soon we’re inside, winding our way through a cramped yet cozy maze of tables to the back, where we get a seat right beside the window.

The overall feeling inside is a cozy English breakfast spot, full of chatter and clattering dishes. The service is quick and unobtrusive, the food comes out faster than possibly anywhere I’ve ever eaten, and it’s all good. Simple. Clean. Delicious.

Just the way I like it.


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