Dream Bigger

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’ve struggled with injuries since last summer. First it was two herniated discs, which led to hip issues, and now heel pain. The last 12 months have been this weird circuitous bout of injuries — as soon as one thing gets fixed, something else… Continue reading Dream Bigger

Progress, Not Perfection

I keep a post-it note stuck to my mirror. Another one at my desk. There are three words on it: Progress, not perfection. A wise friend said that to me a few months ago, when I was in the early stages of recovery and struggling to accept the new limits thrown at me after only just… Continue reading Progress, Not Perfection

I’m In Love!

…with my physical therapist. Seriously. She’s basically the greatest person to ever live. You should all love her too. (I hope you never have a reason to go see her, but if you do, know that she comes highly recommended.) I used to think physical therapy was stupid. That there was no way it could actually… Continue reading I’m In Love!

Adjusting Your Life For Lower Back Issues

Well, it’s been nearly three months, but PT is officially over! Partly because my insurance decided they didn’t want to cover any more sessions, but mostly because my doctor said I was good. Not 100%, but close enough that I could finish the last of my recovery on my own. I’ve learned a lot about taking… Continue reading Adjusting Your Life For Lower Back Issues

Let’s Talk About…

…injuries. Hi! Hello. It’s been a hot second since I’ve been around. Up until three weeks ago it was because all my spare time was taken up by half marathon training. I don’t really have an excuse for the last two weeks, since I’ve just been eating my feelings and trying to stay upbeat in light of… Continue reading Let’s Talk About…