I recently took a barre class after not having taken one in nearly a year and man did I forgot how much I hate it. You are so painfully aware of how slowly time is moving and how incredibly painful small movements can be. Who knew one pound weights could be considered a torture device?

All that being said, shit works. I did the Flybarre Challenge last March and lost nearly 8 inches in the span of 30 days. You can’t argue with the tape measure.

Being that I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to put myself through yet another barre challenge, only this one was designed by me, for me. Let’s break it down, shall we?


1. At least 2 barre classes a week (on top of my other workouts)
2. Visit at least four different barre studios.
3. Try at least four different instructors.
4. Measurements are only to be taken on day 1 and day 31. (I don’t believe in torturing yourself weekly with numbers.)
5. No fast food.
6. Only water, tea, and coffee are allowed.

So basically it’s going to be a month of my limbs wanting to fall off, but summer’s almost here, I’m going on vacation and, again, I like to punish myself for no good reason. I also just like to prove that I can do things for the hell of it. I’m not sure where the sense of satisfaction will come with this one, but I’m sure it’ll show up at some point.

I’ll be instagramming this, no doubt, using #barrecore2016 if you want to follow along (or participate!). A few brave souls have already decided to suffer along with me. Misery loves company!

Any poor souls out there who feel like joining me?


4 thoughts on “#Barrecore2016

  1. Hey Sammy
    Can you share the workout classes/schedule you took when you first injured your lower back? Besides your regular PT sessions, what did you do? Congrats on going from barely being able to run to doing marathons, barre, rowing etc. I also hurt my lower back and knee so it’s challenging not being able to do cardio and I need to strengthen my core because as you mentioned in an earlier post, it helps with back issues

    1. Hey! Of course! Swimming is a great way to work out when dealing with lower back issues. I still did a lot of spinning, but adjusted the bike differently to keep my body more upright (and I still do this). I also did my PT homework *religiously*. Once I was through a few months of PT I took up pilates mat classes, which helped with core strength. Barre came a little later. And if I didn’t already know the instructor, I always told them what was up with my back so they could offer medications for certain movements.

      Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks! My PT discouraged swimming cos I have an acl partial tear in my left knee (been in pt for 9 mo/s now I want to say I’ve been religious about my pt hw but there’s been a week here and there I don’t do my hw) I’m all good for spinning! So I’ll try that and ask about mat classes and maybe Barre later like you

  3. actually I brought all this up with my PT again today (because it had been a month since we talked about swimming) and now it’s a go … yay, perfect time for it too. no such luck with pilates, not yet

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