You’re An Adult. Act Like one.

I often joke that I’m 100 years old because of my bad back, sleeping habits, and love of cats. In reality, I’m only turning 28 this year, but I still struggle as seeing myself as an adult. I can legally drink, reserve a hotel room, and rent a car, yet I still have issues scheduling those bi-annual teeth cleanings and budgeting.

I’m not sure if/when you ever feel like a complete adult. Maybe when I’m 90 and my boobs are sagging. That seems legit.

But in all seriousness, I’m in my late 20’s. There’s definitely still room for goofing off and making bad decisions, but on the whole, I really need to step up my adulating game. I think starting a new career in the industry I want to be in was a really good first step. Also, the fact that I’m no longer an assistant. That feels like growth, too. But here are some of the other things I want to work on:

  • Actually understand how my insurance works, what a 401K is (and how to merge the one from my old job), and the difference between good and bad benefits. (Don’t worry, I checked. The benefits at my new job all get a thumb’s up!) This is definitely an area I know jack shit about, but it’s arguably the most important.
  • Stay on top of doctor visits. Granted, I’m terrible about scheduling haircuts, so maybe that’s something I should work on too, but I really need to make sure I’m taking care of myself. Dentist, doctor visits, PT, all of that. I need to get those in the calendar.
  • Budgeting. I’m good at this in waves. I do a really good job for a while, then totally slack off and have to struggle bus my way back. I’ve been working on a new system since the end of last year and it actually seems to be going fairly well, so hopefully I can keep up with that.
  • Saving. Living in NY is not cheap. I am not great at budgeting. Therefore, I have no savings account. It’d be nice to have some backup cash in case anything ever goes wrong.
  • Travel. I’m still young and unattached, and with my new job, I have the time to travel. So I need to make sure I get to those bucket list places before I no longer have time.
  • Grown up furniture. It’s time to get rid of that shitty Ikea desk that cost $50 but took me four hours to build. I just bought a dresser (which has revolutionized my life), now it’s time for an actual bed frame. #dreambig
  • Dating. I just never had time for this at my old job(s). Work permeated so much of my life, and I was always running around. Meeting Mr. Right isn’t necessarily a priority, but it’s at least something I have time to consider these days, which is an improvement.

Do you guys still struggle with any of these things?


5 thoughts on “You’re An Adult. Act Like one.

  1. I’ll be 33 this year and budgeting is something that I still struggle with to this day. That said, I work in Benefits, so if you do have any questions, feel free to ask. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about it helping other people to understand the best ways to take advantage of their benefits. (Does it make it less creepy if I say that I’m a long, long time reader? No? Okay.)

  2. Hey Sammy, Would you believe that I still have the first ledger I used to budget when I moved into my first apartment at 17. It cost $81.00 a month. I kept it all these years to remind me how far I’ve come and how things have changed. It includes every thing I spent money on in 1969. I’m really proud of you.

  3. Hey Sammy Im 29. Im pretty good with scheduling doctors appointments, budgeting/saving (especially when i was living in silicon valley – everything was so expensive had to keep track and save as well), travel (i love traveling, i had more time to do this as a student particularly the big trips but i still try to get away/change of pace as often as I can). My weaknesses- understanding insurance/401k/ etc. and dating

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