My Favorite NYC Coffee Shops


Cafe One: If I had to pick my favorite on-the-go place in my neighborhood, this would be it. I’m obsessed with their vanilla chai. They also carry Hale & Hearty soups, sandwiches, as well as some pasta salads, baked goods, and macaroons (mmmm). It’s right next to City College, so avoid the standard student rush times if you can.

Manhattanville: When I need a cafe to actually work in, there’s no place better than Manhattanville. The baristas are super friendly, the drinks are good, and the space is gorgeous. Very instagramable. In the summer they like to open all the windows and you can people watch on Edgecombe. Also, their scones are to die for. They have a location in Brooklyn as well!

Maman: On the super rare occasion that I’m downtown downtown (or feel like making the trek), Maman is the best. The reason I first went there was the fancy patterned cups, and now I go back for the lattes and, yes, sometimes the cookies. They have actual food, too, and it all looks amazing. Plus it’s run by some really lovely and handsome french guys who always call me ‘madame.’ J’adore.

Telegraphe Cafe: Once I started working at lululemon, I needed a reliable coffee shop in Chelsea/USQ. I randomly found this one heading to work one day and have been going back ever since. The staff always greets you with a smile, the spinach pastries are delish, and the iced coffee is bomb. It’s easy to miss, so make sure you look!

Paris Baguette: If you’re looking for a solid chain, this one gets my vote. Starbucks coffee tastes like dirt, and Dunks isn’t strong enough. PB’s coffee is strong, it’s delicious, and so are their sandwiches and baked goods. The pastries are always tempting, but I usually manage to resist. The coffee, on the other hand… that happens more frequently than it should. Like… almost every day.


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