It’s National Heart Month!

I know February is almost over, and that this post is coming at the tail end of it (more on that soon!), but I still wanted to make sure I took the time to talk to you guys about something I feel very strongly about.

Recently I was contacted by Bankers Healthcare Group to talk about heart health. Obviously this is something I take very seriously, considering the changes I’ve made in my own life over the last 14 months. And I could reiterate my story and everything I’ve done to lead a healthier life, but today is not that day. Today I want to bring awareness to heart health in honor of my cousin, who recently passed away due to heart problems.

Growing up, I don’t think my schools did a great job promoting a healthy lifestyle. I wasn’t very active, my mouth was a garbage disposal, and I gained weight. I’ve talked about being diagnosed with PCOS  in college, and I used that as an excuse for being heavy. And while it wasn’t heart-related, it was a health condition that I let fester for a very long time before getting it checked out.

Heart health is ridiculously important. That goes without saying. And maybe you’re really healthy, and don’t think you need to go in for regular check ups (I’m definitely guilty of avoiding doctors at all costs). But that’s something I’m trying to change, and you should, too. From what I understand, my cousin was having issues for a while, and doctors either said he was fine or completely misdiagnosed him. And then one day he was just gone. Because of something that could have been avoided.

So I’m asking each of you to make your health a priority. Go to the doctor and get a physical. Eat better. Go for a walk. Try to go to bed an hour earlier. Make whatever changes you need to. I started small, simply trying a new workout class (and we all know how that turned out!). Then I purged my pantry. Then I signed up for a half-marathon. One change can lead to many others! And what better day to start than today?



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