Monday Motivation: My Mantra

I have a new obsession, you guys. MantraBand. Who doesn’t love wearing your daily inspiration on your sleeve (er, wrist)?


I got myself two (for now), and I loooove them. They’re dainty, a perfect addition to any outfit, and come in three types of metal (silver, gold, and rose gold). While my #1 mantra isn’t amongst the 90+ offered (can we get a ‘progress, not perfection’ bracelet up in here?), some of my other favorites are. And I’ll probably buy more once I have money.  The quality is really good, and they’re adjustable so they can fit pretty much anyone’s wrist.

These would make awesome gifts. Don’t be surprised if this is what I end up getting everyone this year. With so many to choose from, you can definitely find the perfect one for whoever you’re shopping for. Some of the ones they offer include:

Follow Your Bliss
You Are Enough
One Day At A Time
Mind Over Matter
Dream Bigger

I’ve been wearing mine every day since they arrived and I’ve gotten loads of compliments on them. If you’re not really looking, they just look like normal bangles, but once you take a closer look, you see they all carry really positive, inspiring messages as well. What more could you ask for in your jewelry?!


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