Meals on Wheels: Hungryroot

I would just like to preface this by saying I love cooking. I take great pride in my ability to actually make myself food that is both delicious and healthy.


I have also been ridiculously busy the last few months — two jobs and 80 hours will do that to you — and have epically failed in the grocery shopping department. As in, I haven’t really gone. At all. Which meant I was eating all of the delicious (but bad for you) goodies clients sent to the office, or whatever free food was thrown at me. Free food is free food, yo.

But I need to get back on my game. Still, it doesn’t look like things will be calming down in the next few weeks, so I decided to give one of the numerous healthy food delivery systems in NYC a try. I had a coupon for Hungryroot, so obviously that was my first choice.

And it was a good one.


First and foremost, these require little to no effort. If you’ve got the time,  you can cook your meal on the stove, but if you’re like me and have about zero spare seconds, you can shove these in the microwave for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Second, flavor. Looking at the tiny container of sauce each meal came with, I was skeptical. Was it going to make it onto every noodle? How much flavor could you really pack into that tiny thing? But honestly, everything I tried (and I tested four different meals) was delicious and perfectly seasoned. Super impressed.


Want to know what else is great? You’re eating vegetable noodles, which are good for you. The calorie counts are low, but the portion size is perfect for one person, and I was never hungry after. And you can totally doctor your meals up if you have time! Add some meat or more veg, whatever you want! They laid the groundwork, and it is absolutely solid.

And they’re constantly adding new products, from desserts to breakfasts, and sides. I’m strongly considering a second order of breakfast items because let’s be real, breakfast is good ANY time of day.

So if you’re strapped for time but don’t want to sacrifice healthy meals, Hungry Root is a GREAT option.


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