SB Runs Manhattan

This is it, you guys! 2016! The year I qualify for the 2017 New York City marathon. (I know, seems crazy to do all this work without any payoff for 23 months. Don’t blame me, I didn’t design this system.)

I remember moving to NY in 2011, standing on a street corner and watching the marathon. In the back of my mind, a very small voice said, “That might be fun to try someday.” I’ve since turned into a yearly cheerleader. I’ll watch the pro athletes for the first two hours, then head down to Columbus Circle to cheer everyone on for the home stretch.

Marathon day in New York is like Christmas. The entire city is electric, everyone is smiling, and so many of us come out to cheer. Even if you don’t know anyone running, there is nothing better than lining the course and shouting out the names on people’s shirts.

When I really got into fitness last year, I knew it was time to seriously start deliberating. I was like, oh, let me run a half marathon first and see how that goes. But then I got injured and decided, you know what? To hell with it. Once I’m better, I’m doing it. I’m going to run 26.2 miles.

And here we are. The time has come. 9 races. 1 volunteer session. BOOM. Qualified.

So to make training more interesting, I’m going to attempt to run every street in Manhattan this year. I picked up one of those free maps at a tourist station in Times Square, I’ve got my permanent marker ready, and my first few routes planned.

Let’s do this!


2 thoughts on “SB Runs Manhattan

  1. To My Favorite Cousin, I wish you the best of luck! I have run two marathons (one well, one poorly), and about a half-dozen to maybe 10 half-marathons since I started running in about 2004. I love all the ceremony and excitement and despite having sworn never to repeat the marathon, I still think I might run another half sometime. I’ve got my eyes on the 2018 Hoan Bridge Rock and Sole in Milwaukee. Maybe you’d join me?

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