Sweat It Out: FlyBarre

Groundbreaking news: cardio is not the be all, end all.

I know, I know — coming from a cardio whore, this sounds blasphemous. I love spinning. I love running. But I’m still not allowed to run, and my PT needs me to continue strengthening my core. I figured what better way to do that than to get back into barre?

This past spring I participated in Flywheel’s FlyPlus Challenge, a month of both spin and barre classes. I’d never taken a barre class in my life, and I will admit to being slightly terrified. The only dance-related classes I’d taken were ballet as a kid, when you just wear a tutu and run around aimlessly while your instructor pretends you’re cute.

The grown up version of barre is a little more demanding than that. And you don’t get to wear a tutu. And there really isn’t any dancing.

But I love Flywheel, so I figured Flybarre would be equally as challenging. If you’re looking for a class that’ll help strengthen your core and give you long, lean muscles, barre is definitely an answer to your prayers. I lost 7 inches in a month — those are results you can’t argue with!

Now that I’m back, and I’ve been doing tons of core work since I injured myself, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as last time (parts of it, anyway!). I was more aware of my body and the muscles that I needed to engage, and the lovely Daniela offered me modifications for the exercises I shouldn’t be doing. Tell your instructor if anything’s up and they’ll always offer alternatives.

Flybarre offers three kinds of classes: your standard hour-long, a power 45, and sport. Here are the descriptions from the website, in case you’re curious:

FlyBarre 60: This is our classic FlyBarre format, based on high repetition at low weight for 60 minutes. You’ll activate and strengthen small muscles that you didn’t know you had. While the specific moves change often, every class is designed to target the arm, abdominal, thigh and seat regions, with total body stretching during and after class.

FlyBarre Sport: Sweat while you sculpt! Both men and women can benefit from the intensity and challenge of this upper body and core focused class. Expect heavier weights, cardio blasts, and music that pushes your inner athlete to the limit.

POWER 45: For those with a tight schedule, POWER 45 delivers the intensity of a 60-minute class packed into a condensed 45-minute format. Prepare for no breaks as this class pushes from one exercise to the next with one final stretch at the end of class.

If there’s a Flywheel in your area, go check it out! Your first class is free (both wheel and barre), so what are you waiting for?


3 thoughts on “Sweat It Out: FlyBarre

  1. Hey Sammy I’ve been following your posts esp on doing stretches and physio exercises every day since i messed up my left knee- multiligament partial tears.
    i want to do more, strengthen my core bcos the reduced mobility the past few months piles on weight like that but I don’t have access to all the programs you talk about. Any ideas?

    1. Yeah, definitely! Do you have access to a sporting goods store like Models, or Dicks? Buy a set of resistance bands and keep them on hand at home. Then just youtube at-home barre or pilates workouts! Pop Sugar has some videos that I really like, but there are TONS out there, so you’re sure to find a channel you like!

      Pinterest also has some really great collections of core strengthening workouts you can do at home.

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