Sweat It Out: ClassPass

I’m a girl who loves a good deal. Especially when it comes to boutique fitness, which can be notoriously expensive in NYC. I recently had a chance to try ClassPass, and it definitely falls under the ‘good deal’ category if you’re someone who works out more than once a week. For $125 a month, you get unlimited access to hundreds of studios across the five boroughs. (And if you consider the fact that most classes fall in the $30-$35 range, this is a total steal.)

From  yoga to dance to crossfit to spinning and everything in between, there’s literally a class for everyone. (Caveat: you can only go to the same place three times each month, but some offer discounted classes after you’ve reached your limit.) I received a two week trial and you better believe I put that sucker to the test. I booked my Flywheel classes through ClassPass, and I took as many yoga classes as I could fit in my schedule (because at that point it’s the only other exercise I could do).

Let me just say, if I was not already paying an arm and a leg for my Flywheel membership, I would ABSOLUTELY sign up for ClassPass. It’s an awesome deal that allows you to try out a ton of unique classes across the city. Nearly all of my favorites are on there (Flywheel, CityRow, Fhitting Room), and if I’d been able to do more, there were a ton of places from my wish list.

The website and app have an easy-to-use interface, booking classes is simple (although you need to be on top of things for some of the more popular studios because the few slots available for ClassPass users go fast), and searching for potential workouts is super easy. I even found some new places to add to my list of studios I’d like to try. It also keeps track of everywhere you’ve taken class so you can go back the following month when your three classes recycle.

Honestly, in the two weeks of using ClassPass, I had zero complaints. I loved having the opportunity to try out new studios, and found some yoga studios I still frequent now that my trial is over (those restorative yoga classes at Exhale are sooooo gooooood). I already knew this from hanging out too much at Flywheel, but you aren’t allowed to select your bike or mat through ClassPass, you just have to take what you’re given. I assume this happens at other studios as well, but for me it’s a non-issue. For the amount of money and convenience, you can put me wherever the hell you’d like!

Another great thing about ClassPass is that it’s available in most major cities, and your membership allows you access to classes in all of them! So if you live in New York but work is sending you to DC for the weekend, you can still book classes through ClassPass at no extra cost. How ’bout them apples?

I’m sad my trial has ended, but let me just say that when I’m making millions of dollars doing god knows what, I will absolutely tack on that ClassPass membership!


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