I’m In Love!

…with my physical therapist.

Seriously. She’s basically the greatest person to ever live. You should all love her too. (I hope you never have a reason to go see her, but if you do, know that she comes highly recommended.)

I used to think physical therapy was stupid. That there was no way it could actually solve somebody’s problems. How could going to a doctor and doing basic bitch stretching be beneficial? When I was told to find a physical therapist for my back, I did it with great skepticism. One friend raved over the benefits of PT, while a bunch of people made it sound like slow and painful torture (this is sometimes true, but not in the way it sounds).

These days, I’m fully on the side of Team PT. In the four months I’ve been going, it has been nothing short of miraculous. My pain level was at a consistent 9 when I first started, and I left three weeks ago at an intermittent 1. Granted, it’s now gone back up to a 4, but we’re back to working on it. And I’ve been assured that I do not need surgery. Maybe a cortisone shot in my spine, but we’re holding off on that for a bit longer. (Because really, who would choose non-invasive PT over a giant needle in their spine?)

So for those of you who need PT and have been holding out, here are just a few things to keep in mind as you get started:

  • Sometimes you may have to try a few places out before you find one that works for you. Maybe you don’t vibe with the office, or the doctors. That’s okay! Shop around until you find one you trust. A good physical therapist is GOLD.
  • You’re gonna get real close with your doctor real quick. Between going twice a week and having someone else’s hands all over your body for extended periods of time, you get very familiar.
  • It’s not cheap. This is the part that sucks. Insurance  will usually cover half (or maybe more if you have better insurance than me!), but sometimes only up to a certain amount of sessions, and then things can get nasty. But it doesn’t matter. Worth every penny!
  • YOU NEED TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. When they give you a list of stretches/exercises to do at home, you need to do them. Thinking about doing them doesn’t count. If you want to get better, do everything they tell you. Even if it hurts.
  • Sometimes it hurts. I’ve had someone’s fingers digging into my spine or my hip for 45 minutes and depending on the day, it can be rather unpleasant. But I feel better afterward, so it’s worth it. Suck it up and still do everything they tell you.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to convert  everyone to Team PT!


One thought on “I’m In Love!

  1. Doing the exercises daily … 🙄 I’m not so great at that…
    I just opened up WordPress by the way with the express purpose of coming to thank you for recommending yoga with Adrienne on a previous post.
    She’s awesome-sauce, as are you x

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