Workout Wishlist

As someone who’s hated group fitness classes up until (very) recently, I never thought I’d be writing a post like this. Yet here we are! Miracles do happen.

After going to spin 6-7 days a week for the last two months, I found myself itching to branch out. I know, I know. No one was as surprised as me. But I’d find myself researching boutique fitness studios when I was bored or couldn’t sleep. Instead of avoiding new fitness classes like the plague (hello, Old Sammy), I was actually excited to see what else was out there. (Although I’m staying away from kettle bell kickboxing. That made me want to die. I’m not coordinated enough for that shit.) My favorite instructor urged me to try some new classes to compliment all the cardio I was doing. Anything to help me tone. (I can’t believe this is even a thing I’m talking about.)

So after a bunch of digging, I bring you my Fitness To Do list!

What workouts have you guys excited right now?


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