Memorable Memoirs

Growing up, I was never big into memoirs. I wanted complete escape, so I stuck to my fiction and was perfectly content. Then I started working in publishing and realized what I was missing. There are so many interesting people out there, whose stories are inspiring and full of wisdom meant to be passed on.

  • EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMETHING by Robin Roberts: Her face is one that, even if you don’t watch GMA, you immediately recognize. Working on this book was a pleasure in and of itself, and I always feel inspired when I go back and re-read it.
  • FORGETTING TO BE AFRAID by Wendy Davis: Ever since I first heard of Wendy Davis and her Texas filibuster, I was inspired. Knowing what I do now about her life, I feel really empowered and constantly remind myself to keep fighting for the things I want in life.
  • GRACE: A MEMOIR by Grace Coddington: If you saw the documentary The September Issue, then you know who Grace Coddington is. This book just made me love her even more. If you like fashion books, or books that are just generally drool-worthy, this one is a must read.
  • UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS: A STORY OF LOSS AND GAIN by Portia de Rossi: As someone who’s struggled with my weight for a long, long time, this one really struck home. It’s both depressing and uplifting, and I think a lot of people can relate to the way Portia felt about her body at different points in her life.
  • ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK by Piper Kerman: If you love the show, then the book is certainly worth a read.
  • IRRITABLE HEARTS: A PTSD LOVE STORY by Mac McClelland: This is one of those books where I walked away feeling loads smarter than when I went in. Half narrative, half deep study into PTSD and those it affects, this one’s just plain fascinating.

What’s the last memoir you read?


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