Nature Box

I am a chronic snacker. The drawers of my desk are filled with treats. My pantry at home always has some kind of cracker or popcorn in it (or the bag of chocolate chips that somehow makes its way inside every few weeks). If I’m writing or editing, you can bet there’s a bowl of something next to me.

But ever since I lost all that weight two years ago, I’ve tried to be more conscious of the things I snack on. Baked instead of fried, fruits instead of gummie bears, popcorn instead of chips.

Still, a girl’s gotta snack!

Someone told me about Nature Box, and I immediately thought yesthis is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Who needs a beauty subscription box when you can get snacks instead?

Nature Box is a subscription service dedicated to bringing you nutritionist-approved snacks every month. If you can’t eat gluten, dairy, or soy, there’s still a ton of choices for you. Pretty much every kind of allergy can be avoided, considering there are over a hundred snacks to choose from, and they keep adding more!

Each month you select five snacks to be sent to your door. There are also options for 10 or 20 snack boxes, and you can also add on snacks at $3 each. And for every box you purchase, Nature Box provides a meal to a starving child. Loving that!

I’ve tried a fair amount of snacks and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Sure, there’ve been a few duds, but we can’t all be winners, right? And the good ones are really good. I’ve got a few snacks now that I order on a regular basis.

Some of my favorites include:

  • orange apple fruit chews
  • strawberry crispy chews
  • blueberry almond bites
  • roasted kettle kernels
  • chipotle maple almonds
  • parmesan garlic pop pops

The bags are a good size (think granola size bags from the supermarket), and they don’t skimp on product. I keep these in my desk at work so when ice cream cake shows up, I’ve got a healthier option. So long, Tuesday morning donuts!

For half off your first order, click here!


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