New Goals for a New Year

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, or celebrating the new year in general. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you want to change something, you should just do it. No need to wait until January 1st to reset your life.

Still, I went through a really rough patch in 2014 and have been working to get back on track ever since. Here’s just a quick list of things I’ve been doing and plan to continue in the new year. Maybe it’ll provide some inspiration for those of you still struggling for a resolution!

1. Only eating out one meal a week. Saving these for those random days where I forget my lunch, or would rather go out to dinner with a friend than go home and cook. This also helps keep food costs down, and guarantees I’m cooking healthy meals, which is always a plus!

2. Get back into running. Before The Great Slump of 2014, I’d been doing really well in this category. These days it’s work to run a mile. I’m aiming to get back to a regular 7-8 mile run, and maybe even sign up for a 10k.

3. Reminding myself to be grateful for the things I have. For a few months this past year, I lost sight of myself and the things I feel are important. To help keep things in perspective, I have a journal I write in every night, listing three things I’m thankful for.

4. Pay off my credit cards. I’ve been working on this for a long time, but the cost of living in NY never ceases to amaze me. I managed to pay off one just a few days ago, leaving me with one to go!

5. Read more. Ironically, working in publishing means less time for reading for fun. I’ve been trying to make sure I read at least a chapter before bed every night.

What were some of your resolutions?


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