Advent Calendars


My new obsession this year is advent calendars. Which is ironic, considering I grew up Catholic and really never got into the whole advent thing. I thought it just meant we got to watch them light another candle in the giant wreath at church each week.

Leave it to consumerism to turn advent calendars into works of genius.

While I was tempted by quite a few this year, I told myself I was only allowed to buy one. So after much internal struggle, I went for the 24 Days of Tea ($34) by David’s Tea. It’s sold out online, but you can try calling your local store to see if they have any in stock. The cashier must have thought I was crazy when I called, showed up an hour later, and proceeded to buy out half the store (hey, they make great gifts!).


And while the 24 Days of Tea is sold out, David’s Tea has a bunch of other great holiday gift sets. I may have picked up a few of those as well to hand out at Christmas parties.

I’m not going to lie, I may soon cave and sprint to the nearest Body Shop to pick up their Beauty Advent Calendar, which will run you $50 if you can find one in store. Some of those samples are calling my name.

I even found a beer advent calendar for that man in your life who’s ridiculously hard to buy for.

Some others to check out this year:

Starbucks ($30)
– Trader Joe’s (99 cents for 24 days of chocolate sounds like a great idea to me)
Benefit Cosmetics ($90)
Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar ($60)

Do you have a particular advent calendar you gravitate toward each year?


2 thoughts on “Advent Calendars

  1. We’re on the same page! This year, I bought advent calendars for most of my relatives who were under 18 years of age. I got ones with candy, earrings, stories, Bible verses, and tiny ornaments, but the ones you’re talking about seem way, way, cooler. I was only looking online and didn’t even come across the tea or Starbucks ones, I will be on the lookout next year for even better ones.

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