The Brunch Experiment: The Wren


I’m not sure what it is about this place, but I tend to only come here in winter and am in need of a cosy place away from the hustle and bustle that is Midtown. It’s also one of the only places I’ve found in the city that serves up a proper full Irish breakfast, and when I’m in the mood for comfort food, that’s what I’m craving. While my time living in Ireland wasn’t so great, I’ve found that a few things definitely stuck. I like to sign my emails ‘cheers,’ love a good cuppa or almond croissant, toast and beans is my jam, and when it gets cold out, I crave a good fry-up.

The Wren doesn’t disappoint. From the mismatched cups and saucers to the woodblock tables, the overall feeling you get when you walk in is comforting and homey. I love the tables nestled in the front windows that overlook Bowery. Someday I’d love to just curl up there with my breakfast and a good book, watching the snow fall and people stroll by laden down with packages.

But as cozy as the place is, the food is just as good. While I can’t personally vouch for anything other than the full Irish, my friends have all assured me that their meals have been excellent and that I need to go back for the avocado toast. The service is attentive and cheerful, and it warms me up, along with the delicious french press coffee they serve.

Brunchers beware, this place doesn’t take reservations. Be prepared to wait. But I promise, it’s absolutely worth it.


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