Inspiration Board: La Femme Nikita

Was anyone else as obsessed with La Femme Nikita as I was (the 90s version, not the CW remake (which is actually not half bad))? I’d sneak downstairs at 2AM to watch reruns, spent hours researching each and every song used in each and every episode, and yes, ladies and gents, I wrote fan fiction.

There’s something timeless about that show, despite Michael’s offensive mullet (that got progressively worse over the course of five seasons) and often cheesy 90s fashion. But Nikita’s wardrobe was generally pretty chic. There are still plenty of outfits I see (as I rewatch episodes for the millionth time) that make me stop and think, “you know what? I could absolutely still wear that today.”

Not to mention the show was set in Eastern Eruope, so it was ripe with fall and winter attire. This year I’m taking a page from Nikita’s wardrobe when it comes to my cold weather wardrobe.

Do you ever base your wardrobe on favorite characters?


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