The Brunch Experiment: Régine Café

I take a good brunch recommendation very seriously. So when the couple we stayed with in Montreal told us the best brunch, hands down, could be found at Régine Café, I knew I had to go. One does not argue with the brunch gods. This particular gem is nestled on the corner of Cartier Street and Rue Beaubien East. With a gorgeous Baroque interior and food that is out of this world, it’s no wonder the line was nearly a block long. (Word to the wise: get there early. Like, real early.)


See this menu? It’s just a taste of what Régine has to offer. And while I can only vouch for the Champi, which Aja and I both ordered, everything that passed our table looked incredible. Based on the Yelp reviews, I’d say those people were pretty happy with what they got. You get a juice shot when your server greets you (ours was apple, anise, and some other random fruit I can’t remember), and I was sorely tempted to taste test some of the baked goods (but succeeded in turning down every offer). As amazing as my meal was, I couldn’t even finish it. Try as I might.


Also, can I just say, this place has the best lemonade I’ve ever had. In my life. With cucumber slices and mint involved, how can you go wrong? I’d love for someone to just hook me up to an I.V. of this stuff so I’d never have to go without — that’s how good it was. It’s been a couple of weeks and I’m still thinking about it. It’s in my dreams. (Okay, no, not really, but I wish it were.) If this lemonade were a person, I’d ask for its hand in marriage.


 New York, you have a lot to live up to after this.


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