Leading Up To London: The London Pass


I’m not a lay-about-the-pool kind of girl when it comes to vacation. No, I’m the nutcase running around like a chicken with its head cut off because I want to cram in as many sites, museums, and foodie stops as possible. Most people don’t know (and even I tend to forget) that I have a double major in art history, and I love getting sucked into a good exhibit every now and again. I saw that roaming Titanic exhibit in three different cities. No shame.

So when I was trying to come up with a game plan for London, I wasn’t surprised to find a lot of museums on the list, along with your standard touristy things like London Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral. One day, I was randomly scrolling through Facebook when an ad for The London Pass caught my eye. I figured it was a scam, but I’ll basically click on anything with the word ‘London’ attached to it these days.

Though I have yet to use it, I can assure you The London Pass is no scam. It’s rather genius, actually. You pay a set price for the number of days you plan to be there (I got the 3-day adult pass for $137 USD), and that allows you access to as many things as you can cram into 72 hours (assuming they are associated with the pass, of which most major attractions are). From river cruises to museum passes, the Globe and a tour of the Arsenal stadium, there’s something for everyone. You can take a look at what The London Pass has to offer HERE. Some of the museums allow you free access, while others allow you to skip lines so you don’t waste your day standing in queues. When you’re trying to fit as many things as possible into a set number of days, this will be a lifesaver.

There’s also an option that allows you to include an oyster card as part of your pass, so your travel and tickets are all in one place. Convenient, right?

I believe you can also get discounts in shops and restaurants if you flash your card.

I had my card mailed to me ahead of time because I don’t like leaving things to chance, but you can also pick it up on site once you get to London. It comes with a handy guidebook of everything included with the card, as well as a great fold-out map of the London Underground. On the off-chance my phone decides to die while I’m away, it’ll be nice to have a hard copy of the tube map in my bag.

There are also similar passes for numerous US cities, Dublin, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, and probably countless others.

Have any of you used one of the city passes? What did you think?


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