Titles for My Memoir

Do you guys ever play that game ‘what would the title of my memoir be?’ Because it’s one of my favorites. Should my life ever get tragically exciting, I think these would do quite nicely:

I Stole That From a Restaurant. No, Really. I did.

A Very Hipster Thanksgiving And Other Holidays That Need to Be Celebrated

It’s a Matter of Pride: Winning the Penis Game and Other Fun Adventures

I Bet I Can Spend More Time Trolling The Internet Than You

A Photo For Every Place I’ve Ever Eaten: One Girl’s Story of Her Addiction to Instagram (And How She Never Got Over It)

That Time I Set the Oven On Fire And Other Kitchen Mishaps

I’m Glad You’re Not a Serial Killer: How I Wound Up With Three Moms and a Dad (And Not Like That TV Show)

Aja Nachele: How Best Friends Lower Your IQ to the Point You Can’t Be Seen In Public Together

It’s Too Hot Out: When Parents Come to Visit and Other Familial Tales

 Who Is Miguel and Why Is He Rapping?: Crazy Neighbors and How to Avoid Them

West of Broadway: I Have Limits, Man

What would the title of your memoir be?


2 thoughts on “Titles for My Memoir

  1. I have given this question way too much thought over the years. Ultimately, I decided on:
    It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.

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