Weekend Getaway: Philly

One of my goals for 2014 was to see more of the East Coast. I’ve lived out here for the better part of five years, but have really only spent significant amounts of time in DC and NYC. And while I’m happy to call both those cities home, I really want to explore more of the US. Last year I had the chance to visit Boston and Maine for the first time, and had so much fun doing it (thanks, Mark!).

For the first excursion of the year, my roommate Andrea and I decided to dip down to Philly for the weekend. And for the day and a half we were there, we loved it. Sure, it literally rained the entire time (I don’t think we saw the sun once), but there’s plenty to do in Philly that can be enjoyed indoors. Here’s just a brief glimpse of what we managed to get done in 36 hours.

IMG_3012   IMG_3017   IMG_3022

IMG_3026   IMG_3079   IMG_3076

IMG_3082   IMG_3083   IMG_3087

IMG_3096   IMG_3101   IMG_3114


We got to see…

  • The Liberty Bell: Indoors, and it’s free!
  • Independence Hall: As it turns out, it’s not open on the weekend.
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art: As an art history major, I can say with certainty this is by far the best museum I’ve seen to date. LOVED it. Your ticket also gets you into the Perelman Building and the Rodin Museum.
  • Reading Terminal Market: Where there are life-changing grilled cheeses and too many people.
  • Incredible architecture everywhere you look
  • The Original Love Statue
  • One Day In Pompeii Exhibit: If you get the chance, go! Andrea and I almost didn’t, but it was worth every penny.
  • The Baker’s Jar: Cakes in mason jars. How can you go wrong?
  • Parc: Arguably one of the best places I’ve ever had brunch.

From the hotel to the location and the city’s walkability, we had an incredible weekend. Thanks, Philly! We’ll be back again soon.


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