That’s Inspired, Really

I’ve been feeling particularly inspired lately. Not in terms of one specific project, but more about life in general. I blame this on the fact that 1) it is fall and fall is my favorite month and 2) I have really cool friends who do really cool things but 3) who also tell me how and where I can do equally cool things.

Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of finding a new hobby. Trying some new things and seeing where they lead me. I have a Pinterest board entitled ‘Crafty Shit I’ll Never Make’ because, let’s be real, I probably won’t. But there might be one or two doable things in there that don’t require me to become a certified electrician or contractor.

Then there’s that Groupon for hip-hop kickboxing classes. I’ve still got my eye on that one.

Or the Writing for TV class that Gotham offers. I’m ALL over that.

I’ve also been thinking about getting involved with YouTube. I spend more time watching YouTube videos than I do actual television, and I would love to just start recording videos for the heck of it.

There are also four finished novels on my computer that need to be edited. I should really work on those.

And let’s not forget my goal of being able to run a half marathon next year. Gotta make time for that.

Honestly, I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to make time for all these things, let alone have the money to do some of them, but thanks to some lengthy chats with some super lovely people, I suddenly feel like I can do anything. I hated school. Like, actually hated school. But I miss learning and having a designated place to be once a week, and the social aspect of it all. New York’s a big city, and somehow taking a class makes it seem smaller and a little more manageable.

Sure, it would be great if there were 30 hours in a day, or 8 days a week. But since those aren’t options, one just has to learn to set aside the time. I don’t know which project is going to come first, but isn’t that half the fun?




3 thoughts on “That’s Inspired, Really

  1. Don’t fall into the trap that you are young and there is time. Make the time Sammy, you will not regret it even if its a little difficult. Add this to your list. Set up my IRA (if you haven’t already.) Also, you inspire me. 🙂

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