Recent Reads #1

I’m always impressed by people who work in publishing and still manage to find time to read for fun. At the end of the year their non-work-related-books-read list is pages long, and I can somehow only scrounge up a dozen or so titles. But I’ve been making a bigger effort lately to get back into the habit of reading before bed (which maybe isn’t the smartest idea, because sometimes I find myself looking at the clock and it’s 2AM). So here’s just a quick peek at what’s been on my bedside table lately!

HOPELESS by Colleen Hoover

I actually bought this for my ipad a few months ago when it was on sale, mostly because of the cover. Then I checked it out on goodreads and it had fantastic ratings and I saw that a bunch of my friends had loved it. So I dug in this week and managed to finish it in about two days (after two very late nights… oops).

This book isn’t at all what I expected, and in the best possible way. How you view Sky and Holder at the beginning of the book are completely opposite from the way you see them at the end. There are some major twists, one which I saw coming and one I couldn’t have guessed. It moves quickly, so it’s very easy to sink into the characters and the plot. I love books that really make me think and reexamine bits I’ve already read, and ultimately, despite the title, I finished this book feeling hopeful.

I think this one’s been classified as new adult, and I definitely think it’s meant for a slightly older audience. Luckily, I’m a spinster. I really enjoyed this one and definitely plan to get the second book in the series.


I loved this book long before I read it. THAT COVER! It’s basically everything I love about design rolled into one. So when I binged and bought a bunch of ebooks, I got this one too. It kind of turned into my travel book, so I only read it while I was on the bus to D.C., or the plane to Wisconsin. Which was oddly fitting, considering the book’s content.

I love the title and the idea that chance can figure so highly into meeting that perfect someone. What if you hadn’t missed your flight? What if you’d sat somewhere else, talked to a different person? It’s a question I think loads of people ask on a daily basis, so using that as the basis for a book was really intriguing.

Besides that, I was really impressed with the pacing. Considering this book takes place in the span of 24-hours, I never once felt bored, or that things were dragged out just to fill a space on the page. Hadley and Oliver’s chemistry is great, there are some unexpected turns, and it’s another book that just leaves you feeling hopeful.

I guess that’s been a theme this week.

What are you guys reading right now?


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