April Favorites


1. Givenchy lipstick in Shocking Pink — I actually bought this back in January, when I was in Florida. It seemed like a silly thing to buy at Disney World, but I’m a lipstick whore and I’d basically bought out Harry Potter World. What else was I supposed to do with the last of my allotted vacation budget? Of the 30 days found in the month of April, I probably wore this for 25 of them.

2. Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two — I’ve been on the lookout for a good clarifying shampoo for ages. I read a lot of great things online about this one, and the smell completely won me over. It’s this very light lemon scent that doesn’t linger, but definitely makes it hard to get out of the shower. Also, my hair feels fantastic after I’ve washed with this. It’s a shame you can really only use it once a week.

3. Origins’ Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion. My entire skincare regime is made up of Origins products, but this might be my favorite. There’s no irritation, it smells great, and leaves my skin feeling baby-soft. I stand by the fact that Origins products are worth every penny.

4. My iPad. I’ve been wanting one for ages, and finally decided my dad couldn’t have cooler toys than me :-p I’ve been able to use it for all sorts of things, especially work, which is great. Now I can read submissions in the park because I don’t have to drag my laptop all over the city. Amazing.

5. My tattoo! I’d been wanting a Shakespeare tattoo for a long time, and my favorite quote just so happens to come from my favorite play, Macbeth. I find myself ridiculously invested in the characters and the story, which might explain why I love Sleep No More so much, or why I was probably the only person crying at the end of Broadway’s latest revival (which is a monthly favorite in and of itself). So I finally called up my tattoo parlor (the Manhattan branch of Kings Avenue Tattoos) and they were actually able to fit me in that day. I love them so, so much.


“Come what come may,
time and the hour run through the roughest day.” — Act I, scene iii, lines 146-147

6. Speaking of Macbeth, Alan Cumming’s one man modernized retelling might be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on Broadway. And I’ve seen a lot, so that’s saying something. It’s playing through mid-July, so get a ticket if you can. I know it’s not for everyone, but if you love Macbeth as much as I do, you shouldn’t miss this.

7. Pisticci — My best friend and I decided to try a new Italian place for our weekly date night, and Yelp had really good things to say about Pisticci. They were all true. The place is adorable (any restaurant that serves me water in a mason jar gets two thumbs up), the food is delicious, and the service is prompt and friendly. You’ll probably have to wait 45-60 minutes (especially on a weekend), but the neighborhood is really pretty, and Riverside Park is only a few blocks over.

8. Infinite Storm — I’m one of those people who have to leave the TV on to fall asleep. White noise is like air to me, so when I discovered this app, I knew I could die happy. I have it on both my ipad and iphone (and have a similar website I’ll use if I’m on my computer), and am basically in love with it. It’s just the sound of rain hitting your window, but you can add wind chimes, birds chirping, thunder, and adjust the intensity of the rainfall itself. It’s perfect for reading on the train in the morning and now that I have it, I don’t think I’ll be able to live without it.

9. Aaaaand lastly, this photo. NSB peeps and some of our lovely clients. Definitely my favorite night of the month.

Hope you all had a great April!



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