2012: A Review in Not So Many Words


My sister came to visit. I finally started to get out and explore more of NYC.
Actual snowfall. One of two. Brunch with friends.




Apparently nothing happened in February.


I lied. I met this guy in February. Too bad we didn’t take any pictures until March.
Also, California. Marines. Tears.




First friend from home came to visit. $3 Margaritas. Central Park. Inappropriate museums.




Seaport. Sassy Sunday hats.



Weddings. Pride Fest. My favorite picture of my parents.




Family’s still here. We do touristy things.
Not much else happens.




I don’t have a picture of Matt Bomer and I, but I ran into him. Literally.
Ran my first 5k. SLEEP NO MORE. Moving.




New living situation delivers awesome views.
Also, fall beverages and museums.




Fall-themed meals. TV tour. JK ROWLING!



Hurricane Sandy. Christmas decorations. Long runs in the park. Thanksgiving in DC.




Finally got my hairs did. Christmas cookies. Lincoln Center. Home for the holidays.



[Pretty sure I stole this idea from the lovely Erin Bowman <3]

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