How Sammy Got Her Groove Back

I’ve had a writing dry spell the last few months. I’d sit down to write, and basically shit all over the page. Nothing was coming out the way I wanted it too. I drifted from story to story, and couldn’t even come up with a name for one of my main characters (despite countless hours spent pouring over baby name books). I was really into this Peter Pan idea I had, but try as I might (and believe me, I tried), the words wouldn’t come.

Then I pulled a Stephenie Meyer, had a crazy dream, and woke up with a story fully formed. And I’ve been writing like a maniac ever since. (Ask my sister, she’ll tell you it’s true. And I didn’t bribe her either!)

Sometimes writing is funny. I’ve never been an outliner. I always write from beginning to end. But because I know exactly where this story is going, and the things that fall in between the first and last page, I’ve been able to write scenes as they come to me. (Albeit mostly on my phone while stuck on the train in the morning.)

My life is busy. That’s just a fact. Finding time to read for fun, or write, when working in publishing is not an easy task. A lot of my friends will say the same thing. But when you want something bad enough, you make time for it. So if the only time I have to write these days is during my almost-an-hour commute (soon to be 25 minutes!), then I’ll take it.

But more than that, I’ve felt incredibly in charge of my life these last few weeks. My sister inspired me to start running, so now I give up a few hours of writing a week so I can go to the gym. I’m even running my first 5k next weekend. I’ve stopped going out to eat and have been making all of my own food. I’ve actually gone down a size in clothing. It’s funny how confidence in one area of your life radiates. Not only has my personal life been coming together, so has my professional one.

After over a year, I’m finally moving out of my ghetto apartment in the ghetto. If you know Kody Keplinger, author of THE DUFF, she’s actually my new roommate! (I suspect there will be more vlogs on here soon enough. And I have a feeling you’ll be seeing her in some of them.) I’m writing again. Losing weight. Cleaning out my closet (literally!).

…Still impulsively spending money on Broadway shows. (I don’t want to think about the amount of money I’ve spent on them this year. I’d probably cry if I saw the total.)

Basically, my life is really great right now. Here’s hoping yours is too!


4 thoughts on “How Sammy Got Her Groove Back

  1. I love this post! So very happy you’ve rediscovered your mojo! And I’m so glad that you’ve got a firm grip on your life. It’s such a wonderful feeling! I’m finally on the way there myself. That’s why there should be an email in your inbox within the next couple of days. Have missed you, girl! ❤

  2. Hi there! I know of you from FP and PH. I’ve been a fan of your stories for a long time ^^

    It’s good to hear that you got your writing groove back. Whenever I run into a dry spell I feel awful–guilty because I’m not writing, like crap when I do because, well, what I’m writing is crap, and it’s such a relief to get back on track.

    It has to be wonderful to end your dry spell with such a well of inspiration!

    And is it just me, or does it seem like writers getting in shape is a theme these days? I’ve been seeing a lot of working out and eating write posts. It’s great to see/hear.

    1. Aw, thank you!

      And yes, I totally agree. Luckily (?) I didn’t have time to feel guilty, since I had stuff to do for work. But it was definitely frustrating when I’d sit down to work on my own material and nothing would come out.

      As for fitness, maybe? Personally, my sister was my inspiration, but I have a lot of friends who run too. So it only made sense for me to get my butt back in gear! But it’s definitely been worth it!

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