Mission 101, Take Two

I was never a huge believer in New Years resolutions. When I realized they would putter out after a week (usually less… like, maybe an hour or two), I gave up altogether. I mean, who likes to start the new year off with failure? Not this girl.

But I am a compulsive list maker, so I kept trying. (I should get points for being persistent, if nothing else.) Then I discovered Mission 101, which seemed like the perfect solution. All you have to do is make a list of 101 things you think you can accomplish in 1001 days. The one I started in February of 2010 has 45 completed items (including gems like ‘buy something from Ikea’ and ‘find a dive bar I don’t hate’), but looking over the list the other day, realized it was a little outdated.

So I’m starting over. Because I find this a much more effective way to measure accomplishments than resolutions. (Especially when I tend to forget what my actual resolutions are.) And they can range from really stupid things like organizing my internet bookmarks (which I need to do) to backpacking across Europe for a month (which I would never do)(I don’t hike)(or enjoy the outdoors enough to spend extended periods of time in them)(by myself)(alone)(in another country). Also, I figure if I post my list here, for all of you lovely people to see, I’ll hold myself accountable. Or something. So check out my list! And if you’re feeling particularly inspired and want to participate too, leave a comment there. It always helps to have other people suffer with you, I think.


2 thoughts on “Mission 101, Take Two

    1. I don’t think you’re boring, Mom!

      And making the list probably takes the longest. You could find 101 things if you thought real hard.

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