Sometimes I Feel as if I Were Living in an H.G. Wells Novel

YOU GUYS. It’s official — Downton Abbey is the greatest show to ever grace my television (er… computer) screen. If you follow me on twitter, or have to see me every day, you know how absolutely in love with this show I am. I haven’t been able to stop singing its praises since I started watching it a few weeks ago. And if I haven’t already convinced you to tune in, well, that’s your problem, and you don’t know what you’re missing.

I’ve always had a soft spot for British television. My grandma got me hooked early on when we’d watch Keeping Up Appearances together (if you haven’t seen it, it’s basically the UK version of I Love Lucy). If it’s a BBC adaptation of a Jane Austen novel, I love it. Period moves? Can’t get enough. Historical romance? *Fans self*

Downton Abbey is basically the culmination of everything I adore. When I took history of fashion my last semester of college, I was drooling over the Edwardian clothes, and this show certainly isn’t lacking in the beautiful garment category.

I know there’s a high probability that I’d die now if I had to function like a woman of the early 1900s, but the clothes alone would be reason enough to go back in time. Not to mention the incredible hats and hairstyles. If I had more time in the mornings, I’d totally do my hair up Edwardian style. For now I’ll just settle on the gibson tuck.

Then there’s the scenery. Allow me to share with you some visual porn:

How could you not enjoy a show with sweeping views and incredible scenery? Inside and out, this show is one of the most visually stunning things on television. I dare you to find something more gorgeous than the British countryside in Downton Abbey.

You’re also missing out on Dame Maggie Smith being even more badass than usual. It’s obvious that she’s having the time of her life in her role as the Dowager Countess, and the Emmy she won was totally deserved. (If you still need more convincing, the show won three other Emmys as well!) This lady’s got the best lines on the show, hands down. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • “What is a weekend?”
  • Lady Grantham: “Why would you want to go to a real school? You’re not a doctor’s daughter.”
    Sybil: “Nobody learns anything from a governess, apart from French and how to curtsy.”
    Lady Grantham: “What else do you need? Are you thinking of a career in banking?”
    Cora: “Things are different in America.”
    Lady Grantham: “I know. They live in wigwams.”
  • Doctor: “Mrs. Crawley tells me she has recommended nitrate of silver and tincture of steel.”
    Lady Grantham: “Why, is she making a suit of armor?”
  • Lady Grantham: “You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.”
    Mrs. Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”
    Lady Grantham: “I must’ve said it wrong.”
  • “No one wants to kiss a girl in black.”

And a bonus video of The Swivel Chair Incident:

And to think, I haven’t even gotten to the characters yet! I love that you get to see the contrast between the servants and the family. All of the stories are so cleverly interwoven, and even characters you know you should hate, you can’t. The writer really did an excellent job making sure each individual was fully realized as a character, and I love all of the interactions between them. Mrs. Patmore and Daisy are hilarious, and I adore Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson. Even bitchy Ms. O’Brien makes me smile. And the Granthams! The sibling rivalry between Edith and Mary is so spot-on, and Sybil turns out to be the opposite of what you expect, but in the best way possible. The love… shapes (since there are no triangles, really) pull my emotions in every which direction, and I’m left in ruins at the end of every episode.

Honestly, this has got to be one of the best shows on television. Ever. Lucky for those of you who have yet to watch, PBS is going to be re-airing season one in December in preparation for the airing of season two in January (but, if you’re anything like me, you’ll go online and watch it from some sketchy website).

Anyone else as obsessed with this show as I am? I know I’m not alone.

*Almost all images taken from the Downton abbey tag on tumblr. it is the greatest thing ever, second only to the show itself.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel as if I Were Living in an H.G. Wells Novel

  1. OHMYGOSH HIGH FIVE!! (cue the Dowager Countess: What is this “high five”? Must be American). Gosh, Sammy, I love this show. I think I must have trolled a gazillion sites to look for episodes. SOOO good. Matthew and Mary! My heart can’t take much more. But more to my liking is Branson and Sybil. Which is quite possibly my favourite story arc. SIGH. I can’t believe I have to wait another year for Season Three.

    1. I know. I spent ages tracking down decent quality videos of season two. But it was SO WORTH IT.

      I think Violet needs a love interest. I’d LOVE to hear the quips that come out of that.

      1. OHYEAH. They kept giving me these spanish dubs and it was ridiculous the amount of time I spent online trying to find a good streamer. HAH, would you really want them to pit some poor man against Violet? He may not survive. But I applaud anyone brave enough to try.

    1. OH MY GOD FELICIA. You would LOVE this show. Absolutely die. If you aren’t watching it right this second, you should be.

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