Friday Favorites

In the spirit of the holidays, I’d like to give each and every one of you a gift. But! Since that’s physically (and fiscally) impossible, I thought I’d spend the next four Fridays sharing some of my favorite things in the hopes you might discover something you like as well (and maybe even pass along yourself!).

This week is all about blogs. And not the publishing ones, since you can already find my favorites here. Nope, this week covers just about everything else.

  • Here’s Looking At Me, Kid
    This has been a fairly recent discovery, but it’s quickly worked its way into my daily rotation of blogs I check. Amanda covers everything from fashion, to all things vintage, to recipes, entertaining, and more. I love her photos, her house, and am digging her life. I wish it were mine!
  • Calivintage
    It’s already a pretty popular blog, but I absolutely love this girl’s style! I’d be more than willing to take over her wardrobe if she ever decides that she’s sick of it.
  • The Selby
    I’m absolutely obsessed with this site. I have their book (which, when I get a coffee table, will definitely be on display), and get a lot of my decorating inspiration from them. Plus, it’s fun to take a peek into other people’s houses.
  • Her Three Birds
    I used to be on LiveJournal back in the day, and always loved Rhiannon’s ‘A Day In My Life’ posts. She always seems to be doing interesting things, and her photos are gorgeous. Her and her boyfriend are super adorable.
  • Delightfully Tacky
    Though I absolutely abhor camping (oh, the stories I could tell…), I love that Elizabeth decided to buy an old RV and just drive around the country in it. And that HAIR! I’ve never seen better hair.
  • It’s Not Even Noon Somewhere
    I watch an unhealthy amount of Food Network, and one of my favorite shows is The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Ginger and Vodka have made it their mission to eat every NYC-recommended meal. I’m surprised not more people know about this blog. It’s witty, charming, and makes me laugh every time. I’m thus declaring myself their number one fan.
  • Tastespotting
    I think this counts as a blog. And if it doesn’t, too bad, because it’s my absolute favorite recipe site. I’ve probably gotten 90% of my recipes from there, and all of them have been delicious.
  • The Dainty Squid
    My love of all things vintage has only increased because of this site. If I had her luck when thrifting, I’d be so satisfied with my life.
  • Gabi Fresh
    Having met Gabi, I can say she’s as lovely in person as she is on her blog. And I love a girl who loves her body and encourages everyone else to be comfortable in their own skin. Plus her personal style is fabulous.
  • Save-ory Kitchen
    I think every recipe I’ve tried from here has been good. I’d suggest staying away from the quesadillas though, because I got hooked on them and now eat them way too often. Oops.

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