Home is Where The Stomach Is

I’ve spent the majority of the last week curled up on my couch because I had some nasty stomach bug I’m sure I contracted from some person who sneezed all over a subway pole. As usual, I tuned in to my favorite station, The Food Network, and low and behold! The Best Thing I Ever Ate was on! (For the record, I am OBSESSED with that show. I could watch it forever. And the lovely people over at It’s Not Even Noon Somewhere now have me hooked on their spin-off blog, which you should definitely check out.) The particular episode? Last Supper.

Now, I play this game all the time. (My dad doesn’t play very well. He keeps asking what the point of planning a last meal is if you’re going to be dead the next day.) It’s a great conversation starter at dinner parties, and it’s just a stupidly fun question to ask people anyway. It’s saved me from many an awkward silence, and caused just as many.

The thing is, when you ask people what they’d want their last meal to be, inevitably they’re going to ask you in return. And me? I always have an answer, and it hasn’t changed since 2009, when I discovered the wonder of curry chips while living in Ireland. There was this whole-in-the-wall Chinese place a few doors down from my apartment, and it looked like a sketch massage parlor. (You know the kind I’m talking about.) You would never know that behind that rickety swinging door was the most delicious Chinese food that ever existed. I went there for full-blown meals once a week (even better than the food itself was that I never paid more than five euro for anything), but every other day, like clockwork, I was in there to get an order of curry chips. The little old man that owned the shop even gave them to me for free my last night in Ireland because I was so pathetically addicted.

Curry Chips. NOT at the Chinese place, but still delicious.

Even now, two years later, I still think about those fries at least once a week. I’ve tried to recreate the sauce myself, and I’ve tried buying every curry sauce from the supermarket, but nothing compares. I freak out when I find a pub that sells them, and if the fries are decent, they have my dedicated patronage for as long as I’m in town. Madison, WI, of all places, has some really great curry chips. There’s also a place in Arlington, VA. I have yet to scout the Manhattan scene for my beloved dish, but I’m sure someone has a passable version.

Still, nothing compares to those I had in Ireland.

But what about you guys? What would you want your last meal to be?

This has been a post completely devoid of useful writing things. I will not apologize.

6 thoughts on “Home is Where The Stomach Is

  1. I would want my dad’s ribs. When he makes them they literally fall off the bone, and it is truly an amazing experience eating them.

    I’ve never tried curry chips. I wonder if there’s anywhere near me that has them because I sort of want to try that…

    1. Definitely check around. Some Irish pubs/restaurants will have them, and SOMEone in this country has to get it right!

  2. Where the crap did you find great curry chips in Madison, WI!? I found your blog because I’m craving them. Help a friend in need?

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